addiction treatment

Thomas G. Kimball, PhD, LMFT


Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities

Texas Tech University


Dr. Thomas G. Kimball is the George C. Miller Family Regents Professor at Texas Tech University and the Director of the Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities in Lubbock, Texas - one of the first and finest programs for recovering college students in the nation. The following clips are taken from Dr. Kimball’s interview with “Memo to Self” writer/director Kevin McCauley at the CCRC at Texas Tech on August 25, 2015.

PLAY VIDEO:  How did Collegiate Recovery Communities begin and how successful are they?

PLAY VIDEO: Why do Collegiate Recovery Communities work?
PLAY VIDEO: Why is treatment alone often not enough for college students in recovery?
PLAY VIDEO: Where do college students in recovery normally live?
PLAY VIDEO: Do you threaten to kick them out if they relapse?
PLAY VIDEO: How does the “impaired decision making plus loss of insight that characterizes addiction change in your students over time?
PLAY VIDEO: How does a Collegiate Recovery Community make a college or university better?
PLAY VIDEO: What about the moral hazard of rewarding drug users with a college education?
PLAY VIDEO: Will Collegiate Recovery Programs have a place in U.S. history?
PLAY VIDEO: What are you excited about these days? (Peer Recovery Specialists & Neuro-biomarkers of Recovery)