Is someone you love addicted?Have you found yourself wondering if all of your efforts to “help” or “fix” your loved one are really going the right direction?Addictions, whether it’s prescription meds, opioids, alcohol or another substance that have changed your once precious child or friend to someone you don’t know . . . are growing at exponential rates. What are the best strategies to help someone in bondage to a substance that drive real results?When Jason Coombs mother discovered her son was addicted to drugs and alcohol, she searched everywhere for resources and guidance that would grant her a spark of hope. She researched websites on the topic only to find a mixed bag of mediocre suggestions and an array of conflicting opinions. She was desperate for tools that could drive measurable results. Yet, her seemingly endless search for helpful guidance led her down a rabbit hole with no end in sight. Unhooked is the book, written by her recovered son, now leading his own treatment center, she wishes would have been available back then.

With special foreword by Dr. Kevin McCauley.”


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