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Sixty years ago, two doctors found the secret to helping people with addiction: they decided to treat addiction as a disease, and addicts as patients. Because they rejected the commonly held beliefs about addicts held by most doctors of their time, their work is legendary in the history of addiction treatment.

This book traces the source of the stereotypes about people who suffer from addiction that these two doctors fought against. It dares to imagine a world without these prejudices and the punitive treatment they suggest.It tells the story of a very special group of professionals who begin their sobriety in just such an environment, and how their success rates in the first year of recovery are phenomenal. This book lays out a method of affording this same kind of care to all people seeking recovery so everyone can enjoy a similar success rate.

The fact is that there is no need to be pessimistic about anyone’s chances for recovery. When addiction is treated as a disease, and addicts receive the same care and compassion as other patients, addiction becomes, relative to other chronic diseases, a surprisingly straight forward problem to manage. And the truth is: people get sober all the time!


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