addiction treatment

Kitty S. Harris, PhD, LMFT, LCDC

Executive Director

Collegiate Recovery

Summit Behavioral Healthcare


Dr. Kitty Harris is a leading pioneer and inspirational thought-leader in the Collegiate Recovery movement, She helped found the Collegiate Recovery Community at Texas Tech University, and her research efforts established the crucial evidence-base for secondary education/addiction recovery programs as well as the neuroscience of recovery in general. The following clips are taken from Dr. Harris’ interview with “Memo to Self” writer/director Kevin McCauley at her home in Lubbock, Texas on August 25, 2015.

PLAY VIDEO:  Describe your students when they first enter treatment.


PLAY VIDEO: Now describe your students when they enter the Collegiate Recovery Program at Texas Tech.


PLAY VIDEO:  Collegiate Recovery Programs always have a strong positive energy. Why do you think that is?


PLAY VIDEO:  Can you review the four critical things that Collegiate Recovery Programs offer?


PLAY VIDEO:  How does the peer group of a Collegiate Recovery Program repair the brain?


PLAY VIDEO:  What if you had a student who was craving and on the verge of relapse?How would you help them?


PLAY VIDEO:  What do you say to people who are skeptical of bringing recovery and a college education together?


PLAY VIDEO:  How do you respond to those who make the moral hazard argument: that giving something as valuable as a college education to a drug user only rewards bad behavior?


PLAY VIDEO:  Do you think Collegiate Recovery Communities will make a difference to history?


PLAY VIDEO:  Which, of your many publications, are you most proud?


PLAY VIDEO:  What research interests you the most these days?


PLAY VIDEO:  What would you like people to know about Collegiate Recovery?

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