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Jason Howell, MBA, CRSS

President Emeritus

National Alliance of Recovery Residences


Jason Howell, MBA, PRS is the President Emeritus of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences. Jason is a leading advocate for the protection of housing rights of people in recovery, and is the Executive Director of SoberHood in Austin, Texas. The following clips are taken from Jason’s interview with “Memo to Self” writer/director Kevin McCauley in Austin, Texas on August 26, 2015.

PLAY VIDEO:  What are Recovery Residences?


PLAY VIDEO:  What is the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR)?


PLAY VIDEO:  What are Recovery Residence “Best Practices?”


PLAY VIDEO:  Can neighbors block a Recovery Residence from opening?


PLAY VIDEO:  How can Recovery Residences handle hostile neighbors?


PLAY VIDEO:  Is it wise for treatment centers to open their own Recovery Residences?


PLAY VIDEO:  Does research support the use of Recovery Residences?

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