Bill White photo

William L. White, MA

Emeritus Senior Research Consultant, Chestnut Health Systems


Bill White has been a prolific writer and researcher, as well as widely respected thought-leader in addiction treatment and policy for many decades. He is one of the authors of the famous “Blueprint Studies” that described the success of health-care professionals participating in workplace monitoring. The following clips are taken from his interview with “Memo to Self” writer/director Kevin McCauley in Punta Gorda, FL on April 27, 2015.

PLAY VIDEO:  Why do Recovery Management programs work?


PLAY VIDEO:  How long should monitoring last?


PLAY VIDEO:  What role does coercion play in recovery?


PLAY VIDEO:  Is the Drug War ending?


PLAY VIDEO:  Programs like HIMS and Diversion were nearly lost. What happened?


PLAY VIDEO:  Why is social interaction so important in recovery?


PLAY VIDEO:  Is there a such thing as “natural recovery” without treatment or AA attendance?


PLAY VIDEO:  Bill Wilson said, “The roads to recovery are many.” Why is there such competition between abstinence-based and medication-assisted treatment?


PLAY VIDEO:  LeClair Bissell, MD and “learning to play”