Dr. Kevin McCauley

Kevin McCauley, M.D.

Kevin McCauley is a graduate of the Medical College of Pennsylvania.  After completion of medical school, he joined the Navy and became a Naval Flight Surgeon.  After earning his wings at Pensacola, Florida he was assigned to a Marine helicopter squadron (The Red Lions).  Later he was transferred to Marine F/A-18 Hornet squadron (Sharpshooters).  While working as a flight surgeon he treated pilots with alcohol and drug problems.  As a physician, he advocates strongly for the rights of addicts as patients.

Dr. Cory Reich

Cory Reich, Ph.D.

Cory Reich received his Ph.D. in Child Studies and Human Development from the University of Maryland where he was honored as a Graduate Fellow. He also earned his Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Maryland. His professional experience includes Private Practice, Life and Corporate Coach, and the Director of Clinical Services for a 12 Step Clinically Driven Wilderness Program for youth and young adults. Dr. Reich's passion resides in the area of mental wellness focusing on therapeutic change through a meaning based orientation.

Jim Clegg

Jim Clegg, B.S.

Jim Clegg graduated from the University of Utah with a dual major in Business Management and Marketing. Jim’s business career has provided him with unique experiences in key sales management and marketing roles with Firestone Tire & Rubber, Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals, O.C. Tanner Company, Impact Imaging, and HCH Transportation.  Jim currently directs his energy and passion to The Institute for Addiction Study which he co-founded in October of 2006. Jim has a strong passion for the world of addiction and has dedicated his life to helping those suffering from the Disease of Addiction and their families.

Brant Blanch

Brant Blanch

Brant Marsden Blanch is currently attending Westminster College in Salt Lake City Utah and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health as well as a second baccalaureate in Neuroscience.  He is employed by the Institute for Addiction Study and has been a part of the institution for more than 5 years.   He currently sits on the advisory board of the Children’s Friend Foundation, a charitable organization focused on addiction prevention and recovery.  He has an interest in understanding the science of addiction and in using modern medical practices and research techniques to make recovery a reality.

Norman Bosworth

Norm Bosworth, B.S., M.Ed.

Norm Bosworth graduated from Weber State University and Brigham Young University majoring in Sociology/Anthropology and Educational Psychology/Counseling and Guidance. Norm is a national and international award winning cinematographer as well as a director, photographer and editor. He has worked for national and international clients for over three decades. Norm has a particular passion for documentary filmmaking with an emphasis on creating programs that help people by making information useful, entertaining and easily understood.

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